Become a Partner

Through partnering with 1001 Inventions, your organisation will support an educational, scientific and cultural campaign that will present the following benefits:

Brand Positioning

Positioning of partner organisations as champions of science education initiatives and as leaders in supporting innovative research, nurturing the study of STEM, celebrating heritage and promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue.

Brand Exposure

Focused brand exposure across the Ibn al-Haytham range of productions. Exclusive opportunity to raise awareness and showcase the organisation’s commitment to building a better world through learning and education, youth development, scientific research, technology and innovation before world-wide audiences.


Access to a unique platform that is highly conducive to valuable networking opportunities at a global level, facilitating closer alignment with leadership and organisers of science festivals, museums, scientists, industry players, educators, students and NGOs.

Customised Benefit Packages

  • Logo exposure on promotional material and advertisements
  • Acknowledgment in press releases and press conferences
  • Exposure of organisation’s name and logo on website, mobile applications and social media networks
  • Organisation’s logo displayed on indoor and outdoor signage
  • Logo displayed in the “1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn-al Haytham” animated short-film credits
  • Name of organisation and logo on educational materials including Children’s Book, Activity Packs and Workshops’ Worksheets
  • Physical Booth/Exhibiting space in relevant events
  • Speaker present in high profile events in major cities celebrating Ibn al-Haytham and guests invited
  • VIP tours and corporate events organised when appropriate.

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