Makkah Celebrates…

Mysteries of the Moon With Ibn Al-Haytham Launches In Makkah

Exhibition from 1001 Inventions brings history to life with VR and science theatre

Makkah, 17 May 2019: 1001 Inventions, in partnership with the Royal Commission for the City of Makkah and City of Makkah Municipality launched “Mysteries of the Moon: A Journey from Darkness into Light with Ibn al-Haytham’ as an anchor city event targeting residents and visitors to the city.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey of discovery and a quest to unravel mysteries surrounding Earth’s closest neighbour. 11th century pioneering Arab thinker al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham leads visitors back to over one thousand years ago when scientists in Muslim civilisation excelled in studies of the Moon.

The exhibition is part of a global educational campaign launched by 1001 Inventions in partnership with UNESCO to celebrate the International year of Light 2015. Since then the campaign engaged with over 40 million people around the world. While this exhibition takes place in Saudi Arabia, other Ibn al-Haytham events are being simultaneously organised at the Macau Science CentreNational Science Week of China, Manchester Central Library and Azzaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme.

Considered by many as the ‘Father of Optics’, Ibn al-Haytham made important contributions to the understanding of vision, optics and light. His methodology of investigation, in particular using experiments to verify theory, shows certain similarities to what later became known as the modern scientific method.

The event makes learning fun with over 1,250 sqm of exhibits, Virtual Reality games, hands on workshops and special screening of the short film starring legendary actor Omar Sharif. Local production support provided by Benchmark KSA.

Through raising awareness of Ibn Al-Haytham, 1001 Inventions aims to inspire children and young people and equip them with a mind-set that enables them to build a better future.

Families can engage with an array of educational and entertaining activities at the Mysteries of the Moon exhibition in Makkah near King Abdulla Medical Centre until the 3rd of June daily from 930pm until 2am.