Host an Ibn al-Haytham event

New_York_1001_041001 Inventions and the World of Ibn al-Haytham delivers an exciting mix of highly engaging and interactive experiences including film, live shows, staged experiments, exhibits, workshops, educational materials and high-profile talks.

Science centres and museums, science festivals, schools and other educational institutions, organisers of conference, seminars and corporate events can choose to host individual elements, a combination of activities or the full range of productions. A tailored plan would serve the purposes of each organisation and host venues in order to be aligned with their resources, needs and target audiences.

The range of productions includes:

screening1Film screening

In this partly animated cinematic experience, audiences are taken on a fascinating journey, narrated by legendary storyteller Omar Sharif, to an ancient time when differing theories of light existed.

Giant Camera Obscura interactive exhibit

A giant fully functioning 360-degree Camera Obscura, offering audiences the chance to step inside the mind and world of Ibn al-Haytham, experience how we see and learn about the fundamentals of light science.

Hands-on workshops

Workshops for making, designing and tinkering, linking Ibn al-Haytham’s scientific methodology to creating solutions for current challenges.

Live performances

IMG_4801cc (1)Highly interactive, exciting and immersive on-stage scientific experiments woven into a theatrical themed performance that brings to life stories from the colourful and creative era known as the golden age of Muslim civilisation.

Educational resources

Children’s books, activity packs and lesson plans.

Demonstrations & experiments

Educational and engaging demonstrations and experiments focusing on physics, optics, light and visual perception, taking audiences on a journey through an exciting world of science from over 1,000 years ago.

challenges1Makers’ souk

Drop-in sessions for the family or school groups to engage in a variety of hands-on activities directly linked to the content and designed to nurture a maker culture and group project-based activities.


Competitions and challenges to motivate learning, boost self-confidence, hone skills and recognise scientific talents.

Talks and presentations

Academic presentations, TED-style talks, science cafés and storytelling by reputable speakers linking the legacy of Ibn al-Haytham to contemporary issues.